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Our re-manufactured hybrid batteries are a product of much research and development. Many of our competitors, simply replace a bad module in the pack and sell you the battery as is. These batteries fail in 3 to 6 months. Beware of these people/companies. ALWAYS ask details about how they rebuild a battery and be sure they recondition ALL the modules (some people call them cells).

All of our batteries are disassembled on an individual module basis, then each module is put through a multi-stage charging process. First we charge the module at a slow, computer controlled rate of charge, depending on the state of the cell to bring it up to its full capacity, balancing the cells in the module and returning the cell to a balanced state as it was when it was new. Very few companies use this method of charging, and even fewer dedicate the time and attention to detail to do it on an individual module basis.

The 2nd stage of charging slowly cycles the cells through a process called reconditioning. Again, the cells are slowly charged, at a computer controlled rate, in a way similar to what the batteries experience while in the car. This happens, in a controlled setting, however at a rate of charge and discharge,  that is pre-determined allowing the cells to, in a sense, breathe a full inhale and exhale. This is like when we stop and take a deep breath and feel recharged, the same with the batteries, except they don't need to do it again the next day. This process is much more mechanical than it sounds with the breathing reference, but it effectively brings the cells back to 90 - 95% of their original capacity.

After these processes are complete, the batteries are balanced and stacked according to their respective capacities (measured during the charging process) to balance out the efficiency of the pack even further. This allows the batteries in the pack to work more harmoniously with their neighbors, thus reducing the strain between the cells and extending the life of each individual module and the entire battery. This extreme attention to detail is what makes our batteries superior to our competition and why our customers stay happy and satisfied long after they purchase our battery.

Introducing the first lithium upgrade battery for GMC Trucks

Lithium Hybrid Battery Upgrade solution that replaces the old NiMH battery and takes your hybrid vehicle to the next level.


Half the weight

Stock NiMH battery weights 80 lbs! Lithium pack weight less than 40 lbs


2.6 times more powerful

Lithium Hybrid battery delivers 260Amp peak current compared to 100Amp peak current from the stock NiMH battery


Better fuel economy

Lithium Hybrid battery maintains a optimal voltage to 'trick' the computer in favor of using electric power. Resulting in better fuel economy.


Highest level of safety

LiFePO4 lithium solution (Lithium Iron) is proven to be safe and has been tested in extreme conditions around the world. This Chemistry is not like the dangerous Lithium Ion, It is much more stable and cannot rupture. (This is safer than what is in your cell phone.)

Toxic free solution

No more hazardous chemical emitted from NiMH chemistry.



Lithium Upgrade Battery replacement costs less than the stock Toyota replacement! We searched and negotiate in large quantities of the highest quality lithium cells. This translates the savings directly to customers.

This is the best option money can buy!

Still less expensive than the dealer!

You will NEVER have to worry about your hybrid battery again!

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Brand New Hybrid Battery







Lithium Battery Upgrade






Call, Text or Email us ANYTIME for more info or to make an appointment! We are here for you when you need us.

Phone : (305) 815 - 7202   -  Texting available

Email : Info@MiamiHybrid.Co

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Making owning a hybrid,


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