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The LEXUS GS450H Hybrid Battery is made up of 40 individual small batteries called modules, aka cells. Over time these cells develop a memory loss due to the battery's chemistry, nickel-metal hydride (Nimh). The Reconditioning Process, is the process used to wake these batteries back up in order for them to "remember" their true capacity. This process is a delicate one, and while some big profit hungry companies might try and hurry the process up, we make sure to take it slow with these little 7.2 volt batteries as to not cause them too much strain during this process. Running through the process too quickly can overheat, and swell these small cells up, and the result is a shorter life span for the cell. We make sure to give the cell a slow reconditioning process to make sure the process is as thorogh and painless as possible for the cell, as well as assuring the best possible capacity for the cell. We even play classical music for them during the process. No kidding.


Aside from perfecting the reconditioning process, we leave no stone unturned, by cleaning each individual terminal of each cell (2 terminals per cell) and installing shiny new bus bar, or terminal connectors. All voltage sensors are cleaned, and any faulty parts on the battery are replaced. The battery is then tested, and then when we install the battery in your car, we clean the fan to ensure the best possible cooiling for our prized cells. 

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Lexus GS450h
Lithium Battery Upgrade

Upgrading to a lithium hybrid battery for your Lexus GS450h is just what your car needs to feel new again. Actually, your car will be better than new! Upgrading your original (nickel) hybrid battery to a lithium Hybrid Battery means you will have 2x the life expectancy, 2x the energy capacity and 1/2 the weight of the original (OEM) Battery. This translates to longer life, more reliability, and better fuel economy.

Introducing the first lithium battery upgrade for LEXUS GS450H!
Lithium Hybrid Battery Upgrade solution that replaces the old NiMH battery and takes your hybrid vehicle to the next level.

Half the weight
Stock NiMH battery weights 80 lbs! Lithium pack weight less than 40 lbs

2.6 times more powerful
Lithium Hybrid battery delivers 260Amp peak current compared to 100Amp peak current from the stock NiMH battery

Better fuel economy
Lithium Hybrid battery maintains a optimal voltage to 'trick' the computer in favor of using electric power. Resulting in better fuel economy
.Highest level of safety
LiFePO4 lithium solution (Lithium Iron) is proven to be safe and has been tested in extreme conditions around the world. This Chemistry is not like the dangerous Lithium Ion, It is much more stable and cannot rupture. (This is safer than what is in your cell phone.)
Toxic free solution
No more hazardous chemical emitted from NiMH chemistry.
Lithium Upgrade Battery replacement costs less than the stock Toyota replacement! We searched and negotiate in large quantities of the highest quality lithium cells. This translates the savings directly to customers.
This is the best option money can buy!
Still less expensive than the dealer!
You will NEVER have to worry about your hybrid battery again!

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Brand New Hybrid Battery

  • New OEM Cells

  • 3 Yr Warranty




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Lithium Battery Upgrade

20% More Power

20% Less Weight

2X Life Expectancy



Call, Text or Email us ANYTIME for more info or to make an appointment! We are here for you when you need us.

Phone : (305) 815 - 7202   -  Texting available

Email : Info@MiamiHybrid.Co

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Making owning a hybrid,


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